Example of 3dfbat file:

  image size 600 600

  open points.dat

  method kriging

  map fill_contours

  save image example_kriging.png


  open points.dat

  method system

  map fill_contours

  save image example_system.png



  method distance

  map fill_contours

  save image example_distance.png


// - comments;


Create 2D map (default). See 3dview .


Create 3D map. See 2dview .


The input is the matrix data set {Zi,j,k} (not scattered points). See points.

array size   SizeX SizeY SizeZ

Set the matrix dimension, if input data set is matrix. For 2D matrix set SizeX SizeY 1.

background file

Input the background image.

boundary file

Input the boundary for 2D map.

calibrate   PixelX1 PixelY1 PixelX2 PixelY2 CoordinateX1 CoordinateY1 CoordinateX2 CoordinateY2

Calibrate the background image to assign it to the coordinate system.

The example:

calibrate  0 0 763 604 1.5 2.5 2.5 1.9 calibrate image


Close the map.

color bar {hide | show}

Show or hide the color bar. The default for color map is show.

color limits   Vmin Vmax

The minimum and maximum limits for the color bar. The default is auto. For contour map that option don't works, see contour levels keyword.

contour colors   file.clr

contour levels   file

Set the levels for contour map in text file. The example of text level file is (one or a few lines):

1.0 2.0 5.0 7.0

In the default case the levels will been calculated automatically.


drawings file

Load the drawing file. You can create the drawing file in 3DField.

grid size   SizeX SizeY

Set the grid size. The default size is 102 x 102. The margin rows and columns are empty.

grid file

Load the grid file. You can create the grid file in 3DField. In the default case the grid will been created automatically.

method { system | triangulation | distance | kriging | block_kriging | min_curvature | neighborsi | neighborsii | rbf | block_rbf | mba}

Set the gridding method. If the gridding method is not specialize, then it get from the setting file.

map {fill_contours | contours | colcontours | locate_points | color_cells | color_points | shaded | color_relief | color_polygons | circle_values | gridding_only}

Set the map to create.

open file

Open the data set in points (the default) or array format.


The input is the scattered points (the default). See array.

save {document | image | contours | grid} file

Save the map document, image, contour polylines or the grid digital values to file.

settings file

Almost all parameters of map is keeping in the setting file.  Right-click on Map tree item (root) in 3DField and choose Default the settings command.   You can save the setting file with the changed parameters as own profile. If setting keyword is missing then the current setting file will using.setting dialog